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Image Caption Position at Bottom Using Figure, Figcaption and Img Tags in Html5 CSS
You can post images with captions centered at the bottom with Html5 and CSS. There are some issues. Figure has an automatic margin, so you need ...
CSS - cascading style sheets 716
Copy or Clone Sql Server Database with New Name on Same Server the Easy Way
On my development machine, before making changes to a database, I want to copy the database to try things out. If you detach, copy the mdb and ldb fi...
Sql 870
Cannot Connet to Sqlexpress Cannot Open User Default Database Error 4064
When using Sql Server Management Studio Express (SSMS), I got the error: Cannot connect to .\sqlexpress Cannot open user default database Error 406...
Sql 863 Results From Linq Casting Types System.Collections.Generic.List`1 4. Here is a useful solution for casting a generic list. General Purpose Class for Handling Database Records First, where I encountered the ... 1198
There Are No Second String Programmers
My customers have concerns about what happens to their computer systems if we part ways. I provide technical computer consulting services, including c...
Programming Philosophy 1203
IIS You do not have permission to view this directory because of the access control list (ACL) configuration on the Web server
Running IIS on Windows 7. In IIS Manager, created a new application pool with Identity ApplicationPoolIdentity and used by a new website. When I ...
Website 2563
In Sql Server Management Studio (SSMS) How to Edit Any Rows in a Table
In Microsoft Sql Server Management Studio (SSMS) version 10, you can right click on a table and select Edit Top 200 Rows. What if you want ...
Sql 1114
RaiseBubbleEvent with Button ItemCommand in Child User Controls to Handle Events in Parent
Using 4. can save you a lot of code, if you know how to use the functionality with surgical precision. Before writing a solution to s... 1251 DropDownList AutoPostBack Keyboard Arrow Fires OnChange Event for Every Item
Using 4. In IE, when you use AutoPostBack on a DropDownList and navigate with the keyboard, the DropDownList fires the OnChange event every t... 3265
How to Bubble Up an Event in a User Control Using RaiseBubbleEvent and OnBubbleEvent
By Andrew Weitzen on January 15, 2013 In 4. The problem is, when you put a user control in a user control in a user control, the c... 1947
How to Reference a User Control Class in Child of Child Control
The short answer is, to reference the properties and methods of a grandchild user control you include an @Register directive for that u... 1300
Asp.Net DetailsView '' has a SelectedValue which is invalid because it does not exist in the list of items. Parameter name: value
Using 4. You are trying to set a value that is not in the list control This error occurs when you try to set the SelectedValue of a ListCont... 1667
How to Vertically Center Using Css
CSS provides a property to vertically allign text. vertical-align:middle; This works fine in a table cell, but does not work everywhere. However, ...
CSS - cascading style sheets 1181 Linq Set Default Values from Database DetailsView Cannot insert the value NULL into ... Fix Using OnValidate
February 14, 2013 - Update by the author. I have moved from the DetailsView to using the FormView and so do not need either solution provided below. ... 1373
How to Change the Form Action for Post Back to the Page to Remove the Querystring
Using 4, say you have a page that updates a record. One way to get to the page is to pass the id of the record to the page, like this. /up... 1583 LinqDataSource Operator '==' incompatible with operand types 'Int32' and 'Object'
In, when using a data source control to specify where parameters, you may get this error. LinqDataSource Operator '==' incompatible w... 1391 Page and Control Life Cycle for Data Binding Quick Tips
Here is a list of one way to manage the Page and Control life cycles when you have a view control and data source control. 1. Initialization ... 1552
LinqDataSource Calling Selecting Event Twice Multiple Selects In ObjectDataSource
A little knowledge causes a lot of trouble. When using controls, if you keep things simple and follow the examples you can get an enormo... 1497
Style Sheet Not Updating After Changes
When changing the style sheet, you want to see the changes right away. The problem is your style sheet may be cached and so you do not see the change...
CSS - cascading style sheets 1287
Exposing Event Handler as a User Control Property
How to Expose an Event Handler as a User Control Property By Andrew Weitzen, November 16, 2012 For 4 This is simple to do, but took me a fe... 1716
SqlMembershipProvider Does Not Allow PasswordAnswer of String.Empty Does Allow Null
In 4, I created a membership provider descended from SqlMembershipProvider. In my CreateUser method, I call the SqlMembershipProvider CreateU...
Membership 1909
Asp.Net 4 Get Page Object From HttpContext
You can use this code to get the current page HttpContext. Page page = HttpContext.Current.CurrentHandler as Page; Page implements IHttpHandler an... 1860 4 Menu Displays Vertically Instead of Horizontally on Hosting Server but Works Fine on Localhost
Am using 4. Have a Menu control that displays horizontally on my development computer, like this. Home About Contact When I upload... 1930
Asp.Net Country and State Data Bound DropDownLists with Default Selected in Minutes
For Asp.Net 4 using C# and Linq. Here is some handy code you can use to add Country and State DropDownLists to your form in a few short minutes.... 3021 Gmail Smtp Error The SMTP server requires a secure connection or the client was not authenticated. The server response was: 5.5.1 Authentication Required. Learn more at
Wrote some code to send email from my website via Gmail. The code is simple enough, but I kept getting the error: The SMTP server requires a secure c... 8646 Linq Set Default Values from Database DetailsView Cannot insert the value NULL into
In 4, when trying to insert a record using a DetailsView with a LinqDataSource, I get the error message Cannot insert the value NULL into ...... 2778
Create Linked Server for MS Sql Server to Remote IP or Internet Web Hosting Server
I want to copy data to and from Sql Server Express running on my PC to and from Sql Server running at my web hosting company. One way to do this...
Sql 2922
Operator '==' incompatible with operand types 'Int32' and 'Object'
This error happened to me when I was building a Master, Details page with a GridView and a DetailsView. These controls are designed to work together ... 5386 GridView DataKeyNames Not Set, Empty
In 4, I was working with Master, Detail pages and was trying to get the Selected value from the GridView in an onSelecting event handler ... 2656 GridView and DetailsView on Same Page with Search Box
Click here to see an image of an Asp.Net GridView and DetailsView on same page. In 4.0 I created a page with a GridView and DetailsView ... 3860 4 Menu Control Error with Ampersand (&) in Url
Am using 4.0. Am using an xml file to define the links for my menu control. Some of the links pass a query string so they need to have ampers... 2277
Asp.Net 4 The 'Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0' provider is not registered on the local machine.
I upgraded my website to 4.0 and started getting the following error. Am running Windows 7 with IIS. The 'Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0' pro... 2367
Sql Server Cannot Open Database Requested By the Login. Login Failed IIS APPPOOL
This problem happened to me in my development environment using Visual Studio Express and Sql Server Express. The problem is my connection statement ... 2362 Relative and Virtual Path Problems with Applications and Development and Production Environments
When you use Visual Studio to develop a website application and you run the website in the Visual Studio debugger you get a url like this. http://l... 4043
Asp.Net User Control Content is not allowed between the opening and closing tags for element
In Asp.Net 4, I have a user control for putting an email address on the page. The control looks like this. <my:email ...>Any Text</my:emai... 2415
The type or namespace name 'Objects' does not exist in the namespace 'System.Data'
In migrating my website from Asp.Net 3.5 to 4, I got this error. The type or namespace name 'Objects' does not exist in the namespace 'System.Da... 2535
Disabling Printing, Selecting and Right Clicking to Prevent Copying Text and Saving Images Using Javascript and CSS
Here is some useful code to protect the content of your website from the average viewer who may casually try to grab it. Of course, this will not pre...
Web Browser Html Javascript Jquery 2159
CSS List Bullets and Numbers Overlay Floating Image
Have you had the bullets, numbers or letters for your list items overlay an image or some other item on your page? Try this. ul,ol { list-style-...
CSS - cascading style sheets 2592
Microsoft Sql Server Management Studio Express How to Edit More than 200 Rows
In Microsoft Sql Server Management Studio Express (MS SSMS Express 2008), if you right click on a table you have the option to Select Top 1000 Ro...
Sql 2756 Login Not Working in an Iframe
If someone wants to embed part of your website within their website, a simple way to do that is using an Iframe. One problem is if people need to log...
Membership 3774
Giving Up for Now on Auto Resizing Iframe for Cross Browsers
I have written a number of articles about how to auto resize an iframe to fit to the size of its contents.  This is a great thing, when it ...
Web Browser Html Javascript Jquery 2728
Css Center Images Horizontally
You can try to use this CSS code to center an image. { display:block; margin:0 auto; position:relative; } Use in your ...
CSS - cascading style sheets 2759
Sql Server Changing the Default Database
In Windows 7, Sql Server Express R2 with SSMS, the default database is the master database. Not great. If you run a script and forget to specify the ...
Sql 2383
Understanding SqlCmd Variables and the Use Command
SqlCmd variables appear to be object references or at least something related, not strings. SqlCmd variables can be set to strings, but they can also...
Sql 9249
Powershell How to Make Windows Faster By Stopping Processes and Services
The more programs running the slower your Windows computer will work. To speed up your computer, stop programs from running that you do not need...
PowerShell 3330
Powershell Execution Policy Warning Cannot Be Loaded Scripts is Disabled on this System
Powershell scripts are programs and can take over your computer. They are potentially dangerous, so by default Powershell scripts are disabled. You w...
PowerShell 3257 Menu Control Remove Inline Font-Size 1em
The menu control adds font-size:1em to the menu items. This prevents setting the font-size in a CSS style sheet. That is a nuisance. Th... 3634 Menu Control Horizontal Bar Separator Add the Easy Way
When using the Menu Control to display a horizontal menu, you might want to add a bar between menu items, like this: Item1 | Item2 | Item3 ... 9837
Asp.Net Menu Control How to Skip the First Item
If you are using an menu control with an Xml file, you may have a problem in that the root node is displayed. For example, if your Xml file l... 3370
How to Read a Delimited Text File in Asp.Net Using OleDb Including CSV or Tab
Here is a handy way of reading a delimited text file into an program. Rather than reading and parsing the file yourself, you can use the OleD... 6518
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